To be perfectly honest, we are about ready to throw the “fashion rules” out the window. There are so many options out there and so many different lens shapes, it’s impossible to categorize them all to face shapes. Besides, in today’s world glasses are no longer a stigma, they are a fashion statement, so when it comes to picking the right shape, go with what you like. Yes, there are a lot of suggestions floating around out there, but we guarantee that the fashion police will not be knocking on your door if you go against that advice!

Having said that, if you’re new to eyewear, you might use the face shape rules below as a rough guide to work from, but never be afraid to try glasses that are “not the right shape for your face.” 

Most of us at Avid have tried different frame shapes that went against the typical “face shape rules” – and we loved the results!

Before you get too focused on the “face shape guide” let’s talk about what REALLY matters when choosing glasses…

Comfort, lens clarity, and quality coatings. It’s no good having a pair of really fabulous looking glasses when they start to hurt your nose or ears after an hour, the lens isn’t crystal clear, or the coating you choose is sub-par.  That’s why we offer the best frames, lenses and coatings as STANDARD.

Face Shape Guide

Oblong shape – Most lens shapes will work

Oval face – Square lens shape

Round face – Rectangle lens shape

Square face – Round or cat eye lens shape

Heart shape – Deep square frames

Diamond shape – Horn-rimmed, rectangular and oval frames


In summary

Yes, you can use the face shape rules as a rough guide and work from there, but never be afraid to try different glasses that may not “fit the standard.” Glasses, after all, are an important part of your look, nobody else’s. Make your statement.

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