We get it, there are so many choices out there when it comes to glasses and sunglasses, between all the frames, lenses, coatings and shapes. No worries, we put together this quick guide to help you out.


Our eyeglass and sunglass frames feature four materials: acetate, TR-90, stainless steel, and titanium. This variety lets you discover a pair of glasses or sunglasses that capture your unique style. All of the frames we offer are premium quality frames giving you some of the best choices in comfort, style and longevity. If you’re unsure of which shape of glasses to choose, check out our Face Shape Guide here.


When it comes to lenses, your first choice is whether you need prescription (available for both eyeglass and sunglass frames) or non-prescription. With prescription lenses you have two choices: single-vision or progressive. 

Single-vision lenses only correct one of two ranges: close-up (far-sighted) or far away (near-sighted).

Progressive lenses (a.k.a. multifocal lenses) are perfect for correcting your vision at multiple distances, allowing you to see clearly – near, far, and everything in between, so you don’t have to switch between multiple pairs.. Plus, Avid digital progressive lenses feature a seamless lens, so there’s no line like bifocals and trifocals have.

Non-prescription lenses are available for eyeglass and sunglass frames. Add tints or coatings to a non-prescription lens to enhance your vision or just to make a fashion statement. Our superior Anti-Reflective/Anti-Glare coating paired with a non-prescription lens can ease eye strain by reducing reflections, help to block blue light, and reduce glare from your lenses or from light like oncoming headlights.

Most eyewear retailers offer an ‘economy’ or ‘standard’ starter lens with all of their glasses, and then charge extra for higher index lenses. At Avid, we include high index lenses at no extra charge, providing you with high clarity and superior quality vision.


Lens coatings and enhancements can give your lenses different attributes, making them behave differently according to their environment. Some change colors based on lighting, while others reduce eyestrain or offer protection from scratches or the sun. To better understand the options available to you, we’ve listed them below.

Most eyewear retailers include one or two ‘standard’ coatings with their glasses and then try to upsell you on their Premium coatings. At Avid Optics, we only offer Premium coatings –and we INCLUDE 5 of them for FREE with ALL of our clear lenses: 

Premium Anti-Reflective/Anti-Glare coating

Our premium anti-reflective coating eases eye strain by reducing reflections, limiting blue light, and helping to eliminate glare on your lenses caused by computers, digital screens, automobile headlights, and more. Click here for more details.



Premium Anti-Scratch coating

No pair of glasses is indestructible, but our anti-scratch coating offers far greater protection against scratching, and daily wear-and-tear.



Premium UVA and UVB protection

Just like your skin, it’s important to protect your eyes against UV damage. Long-term, unprotected exposure to sunlight can lead to conditions such as macular degeneration, cataracts, and other eye conditions that can compromise healthy sight. Eyecare professionals recommend that people protect their eyes against UV exposure at all times. Our UV protection coating blocks 100% of UVA and UVB rays. 


Premium Hydrophobic coating

Our Hydrophobic coating helps to repel water from your eyeglass lenses, so that water droplets and moisture can more easily run off of them.



Premium Oleophobic coating

This is an oil-repellent coating that helps to reduce smudges, grease and fingerprints, which in turn helps to keep your lenses clearer and easier to clean.

 (Note: Some of the free premium coatings above are not available with Light Adaptive, Polarized or FL-41 lenses)


More Premium coatings and enhancements:

 Polarized – Great for glare reduction, especially on water and when driving during the day. In some cases polarized lenses can cause depth perception issues. Click here for more details.

Light Adaptive (Photochromic) – Transitions from light to dark when exposed to UV light. Goes back to a clear state when indoors. Not recommended when driving. Click here for more details.

Blue Light Blocking – Blue light glasses have become a common choice to help protect eyes from blue light emissions from digital screens. However, recent studies show they may not be as effective as they were initially thought to be. Click here for more details.

FL-41 – If you are thinking of choosing blue light glasses, then FL-41 glasses might be a better choice – they block the wavelengths of blue and amber light that are known to trigger light sensitivity issues like headaches, migraines and Photophobia. Click here for more details.

Tints – Certain colors of tinting can help with color accuracy, improve contrast and help with depth perception. Great for hunting, driving and many sports. Click here for more details.

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