Free Premium Enhancements

Premium Frames
From custom-designed cellulose Italian Acetate to ultra-lightweight titanium and TR-90 we use nothing but premium materials for our frames
Premium cr39/Polycarbonate Lenses
Our in house finish lab will custom-cut lenses, which have been treated with anti-reflective and scratch-resistant coatings. Our frames come standard with cr39/Polycarbonate lenses that block 100% of UVA and UVB rays
Premium Custom Tint
Custom Sunglass Tints provide excellent depth perception and also work well for both outdoor and indoor sports sunglasses. They also can improve the visibility of objects, and some colors make surroundings appear brighter and block out blue light
Premium Scratch Coating
No eyeglass lenses — not even glass lenses — are 100% scratchproof. However, our lenses are treated front and back with a clear, scratchresistant coating have a much harder surface that is more resistant to scratching
Premium UV Protection
UV protection to help protect against the suns damaging rays


Frame Features Italian Acetate design. Lightweight and comfortable for all day wear. Polarized lenses to reduce glare.

INCLUDES Premium frames, FREE Premium lenses
and FREE Premium coatings

Lens Width (55mm)
Bridge Distance (19mm)
Temple Length (145mm)

Total Width = Lens Width x 2 plus Bridge Distance
  • Total

  • Single Vision      Corrects one field of vision– either near, intermediate or far
  • Progressive      Nearsighted & farsighted vision corrected in one seamless lens
  • Non-prescription      Perfect for style and protection with no vision correction
  • Readers/computer      Simple, custom magnification -no prescription needed
  • Polarized      Eliminates glare from shiny objects such as chrome bumpers, mirrors, & water. Great for overall use. With optimal UV protection this is a great option for sunglasses.
  • Photochromatic Light Responsive      Changes from clear lenses indoors to dark lenses when outdoors (as dark as sunglasses). Great for UV protection.
  • Tints      Tints filter light in different ways and enhance your vision in some cases. You might like the look of one color over or another. Great way to protect your eyes from damaging UV rays.
  • FL-41      This specialized rose-colored tint is proven to greatly reduce eye fatigue and migraines triggered by artificial light.
  • Mirror Coat      Mirrored sunglasses have a thin metallic layer on the outside of the lenses that reflects glare away from the sunglasses rather than letting it in, reducing the amount of light entering the eyes.
Have vision insurance? Save more!

You are still able to use your insurance by submitting it as out of network. Place your order here, then go to our Insurance page, there is a link in the footer as well as top menu that will explain how to submit for each insurance carrier.

Can I use my FSA and HSA?

Yes! Simply place your order here, then submit a copy of the receipt to your FSA or HSA carrier for reimbursement.


Frame Features Italian Acetate design. Lightweight and comfortable for all day wear. Polarized lenses to reduce glare.


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